Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 14 - Camera Phone (CotW)

"Seriously?", you say. Yes, seriously. This week (or 2... I stopped counting), I used my good old camera phone. Well, actually, it's a new phone. With a 5MP camera. I can download apps. Camera apps. But, it's not an iPhone. It's the Motorola Android. It's awesome, I love it. I bought an awesome camera app within the first hour of owning the thing. I sat in the parking lot playing with it. It's fun.

"What's so great about a camera phone with an app?", you ask. Well, it makes all my digital pictures look like they came out of a lovely fantastic plastic camera. I can include light leaks, square format, "fake" frame numbers when I "bleed" to the edge of the film, x-pro, polaroid frames... This list goes on and on. This lovely app is called, Vignette. And I'm in love (at least for a little while).

It will never replace my film, because, well... nothing in this world can replace film. But, it is a lovely little toy and I'm having fun. Isn't that what photography is all about?

My favorite, by far (and I love A LOT of them), is the one I took of my daughter swinging.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 13 - Lomography SuperSampler (CotW)

This week brought me back to play with another multi-lens single-frame camera, the Lomography SuperSampler. This camera's lenses take 4 mini-panoramas as opposed to the Quad-Cam's window like frames. I especially like this one of my daughter as I think it captures childhood perfectly. Just think of all the happy children you've seen splashing in a fountain...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 12 - Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (CotW)

It seems that my motivation for the Camera of the Week is slowly waning, which oddly coincides with the end of the list of all my toys. And since I'm shooting film, there is always a lag between when I shoot and when I receive my images from the lab and it gets a bit confusing. I suppose I should start keeping better track. This week I received 2 rolls of film (weeks 12 & 13), but I slacked on shooting an entire roll of film since both cameras had film from my "Spring Break". Ah well...

So, the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is this lovely little plastic point and shoot camera that I bought a couple of years ago on eBay for a measly $12 including shipping. I've seen these little gems go for $20 + shipping! Wow... I'm so happy I jumped on that bandwagon before they became popular! :) They have this lovely "ultra wide" 22mm lens with incredible vignetting. People sometimes call it the Poor Man's LC-A. This little thing gets tossed into what ever bag I have with me and is always pointed at something fun!

This week I shot with Kodak 64T slide film and cross-processed it in C-41. Poppies in the Median was my favorite on the roll from the "actual" CotW Week (not Spring Break). Those are on flickr....

Week 13 - Lomography SuperSampler

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