Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 9 - Yunon YN500 (CotW)

Well, this camera has again stumped me as to when or why it decides not to advance the film. I thought I figured it out after the first roll and was *extremely* careful to be aware of my fingers during the winding this time. Well, there they were random partial double-exposures.

I went to load the camera and since I hadn't used this camera in over a year (check out the last post on it... March 2009!), I had forgotten about the roll of film inside....oops again! The camera resets the film counter back to "S" when it is opened, so when I reached 24 on the counter (and I knew the roll inside was a 36 exposure) I was wondering why it wouldn't wind (except a click or so, enough to cock the shutter). So the last frame on the roll turned out to be 5+ exposures of my daughter, a beach, and some drift wood.

CotW 10 - The Seagull (which I know has film in it, I just wish I knew what speed)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 8 - Quad-Cam Gold (CotW)

This week's camera was my "new" Gold Quad-Cam, which is very similar to the Lomography ActionSampler. It has 4 lenses that fire consecutively so that you can capture 4 small frames of action on one 35mm film frame. Lomography once had an option of turning these types of images into "mini-movies" looping continuously through the 4 frames, but not anymore. This was the first ever roll through this camera for me and I was not disappointed. While out with this camera I had 2 different thoughts: Will this subject 1) make a good "mini-movie" OR 2) allow all four frames to work together as a single composition. So, I actually have TWO favorites from this week...

The Mini-Movie (painfully put together and artificially looped for 8 seconds of viewing pleasure):

The Single Composition (with 4 frames):

Currently shooting CotW 9 with my Yunon YN500

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 7 - Holga WPC (CotW)

So, Week 7 came and went without a hitch. I only ran 1 roll of film through the WPC,which isn't a lot since it takes only 6 images on a roll! I do believe there was some kind of user error with the camera, because all but 2 images had this line where one side of the image was lighter than the other. I think it was the problem of not opening the shutter quick enough for the short exposure times (2-4 secs). I absolutely love this camera. It's a huge piece of black plastic, that makes beautiful pictures.

CotW 8 is using my new Gold Quad-Cam. Four pictures, one frame.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 6 - Golden Half (CotW)

I can't even begin to explain the elation I felt when I looked at this first roll of film from the Golden Half. It was amazing how long it took to take 48 images on a roll of film, when I can shoot hundreds of images on a digital camera without a thought. It's funny, how using a film camera makes me slow down and think about the image instead of just snapping away. Each frame is precious. From the first look at the negatives, this one really stood out. I am not happy about the reflections in the glass (I attempted to block them out), but this is definitely a window I will visit again real soon!

Week 7 Camera of the Week is the Holga WPC. The first roll is at the developer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 5 - Pinhole Blender Mini 120 (CotW)

Well, week 5 of Camera of the Week got off to a bad start. After days and days of dark grey skies and snow, I finally took the Blender out for some fun. I also decided to shoot with a zone plate instead of the pinhole. Unfortunately, with the roll of film inside (ISO 400) and the aperture of f/64, the exposures were less than 1 second. That is quite difficult when your shutter is a piece of gaffer tape! There were light leaks on most of the roll caused by opening up the can and... OOPS ...finding a roll of film in there. The color on the roll wasn't very colorful, so I changed it to black and white... I definitely will take this out again in the spring!

This week's camera is the Golden Half Chelsea Maika edition. Stay tuned...

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