Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 7 - Holga WPC (CotW)

So, Week 7 came and went without a hitch. I only ran 1 roll of film through the WPC,which isn't a lot since it takes only 6 images on a roll! I do believe there was some kind of user error with the camera, because all but 2 images had this line where one side of the image was lighter than the other. I think it was the problem of not opening the shutter quick enough for the short exposure times (2-4 secs). I absolutely love this camera. It's a huge piece of black plastic, that makes beautiful pictures.

CotW 8 is using my new Gold Quad-Cam. Four pictures, one frame.


Karen said...

Love the streaks of light on this one.

C. Wade said...

I usually read you in Google Reader, but I stopped by to comment on this photo- I love it!- and noticed you redesigned the blog. It's looking really good!

You make me want to get back into film.


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