Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On the Road Again

Living out in the country has it's benefits. Quiet (no car traffic), DARK nights full of stars and the sounds of crickets. No homeowner associations saying your flowers aren't pruned correctly. Au Natural, baby. Neighbors I can't see!! But, then again, to get ANYWHERE we need to drive 30 minutes. So, I see a lot on my trips between King George and Fredericksburg. I see lots of corn, soybeans, barns, corn, soybeans, barns, old Virginia Renaissance Faire (I need to get in there and make some pictures), corn and soybeans. But, the one thing I look forward to EVERY time I make this trip is this one particular barn that I have photographed many, many times. I actually stop once in awhile, too. And I have a flickr set dedicated to it. Here is the "fly by" version I snapped today.


Edward said...

I have been wondering if this barn is Here?

Shari said...

No, it is here

Edward said...

Oh yeah, now I remember that one too. Closer to the road.


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