Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello from Florida!

Well, my husband and I made a 15 hour drive in our tiny Honda Civic Hybrid from King George, VA to lovely St Pete Beach, FL yesterday. Not a vacation. Well a working vacation. OK. We have started a software business and have come down here for the IACA training conference as a vendor. So, as I sit here behind the booth while my husband works his magic, I blog. While I haven't been able to really go out shooting, we did arrive yesterday right before sunset. And, as if nature new I needed something after a sleepless night of driving, she threw in a few storms over the setting sun and the Gulf of Mexico.


Edward said...

Nice photo. Looks like some really nice light out there to welcome you to the Gulf. You must have a really geeky hubby judging by that SW webpage. ;)


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