Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 4 - Holga (CotW)

The Holga never seems to disappoint, even when its handler is less than enthusiastic about the subjects it captures. Of course, this was the first week of the Snowpocalypse and snow was absolutely the only thing around. I finished off an old roll still in the camera, which had pictures that I had taken in Annapolis (during the warm summer light). I had a nice one of the old barn, but how many blog posts can one do on a barn that is just a lump of lumber? So, the selection of the week was from the roll of Ilford 3200 that was completely shot in the back yard during the snow.

The Week 5 CotW is the Pinhole Blender Mini 120. Since I have been literally snowed in for much of the week (and I could not stand to take any more pictures of snowy trees), I have extended it through this week. I hope to take it somewhere a little more inspirational...


Karen said...

I like how the Holga vignetting accentuates the closed-in feeling you get after a really deep snowfall; this one is quite stark and that slash of black trunk is like a confrontation, good stuff!

I also want to let you know - I just found your comment on one of my December blog posts - apparently it had been sitting in moderation "limbo" all this time and I hadn't noticed. Didn't mean to ignore you. :) It's posted now, with a reply.


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